Hello, I'm Juri. If you click on the "Feed!" button above, you can feed me and my dear brother Kala via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. As we tomcats also have to watch our waistlines, you can only give us a meal when we are starving. For a step-by-step guide to feeding, click here.

If our tummies aren't craving a snack right now, you can let yourself be enchanted by the force of Baby Yoda, also known as Grogu.

Who are we?

It's a pleasure to meet you!

Hi, I'm Juri, the lazy and well-padded Russian blue cat from the Lightning Cats. I’m the alpha here! My brother Kala sometimes thinks he can challenge me, but at the end of the day, I'm still the boss!

I like to spend my time lounging in my favorite spot and watching the world around me. But when it comes to eating, I'm always ready! If Kala tries to take my food away, I'll become a real alpha male and show who's in charge!

My brother Kala is sometimes annoying, but I love him anyway. He's not as cool as me, but I know he'll always protect me when it counts. We are two unbeatable cats who stick together no matter what.

Hey, I'm Kala, and I'm also a Russian blue cat. I am very sporty and love to run around and play all day. I'm always on the move and looking for new adventures. I love exploring my cat trees and climbing to the highest levels. I'm so agile and skillful that my friends often think I'm a little artist!

Although I'm the beta animal, I don't put up with everything. When Juri gets all the food again, I've already figured out a trick for feeding myself. But my human owner always gets very angry, so I rarely do it.

I am a lovely and playful house cat who enjoys life to the fullest, and I know that my brother Juri always looks after me when I need a nap. Together, we are an unbeatable cat duo!


Experiences with Lightning Cats.

Wir durften die @Lightningcats21 füttern. In Echtzeit Zahlungen rund um die ganze Welt mit minimalen Gebühren senden!

In der herkömmlichen Finanzwelt nicht machbar… Was für eine innovative Idee. Danke #bitcoin #lightning

Marco von⚡️BIT21 🇨🇭


I'm dyiing, happiest day of my life.

Ich hab gerade @Lightningcats21 ausprobiert. Zu süß! Ich glaube das mache ich jetzt jeden Tag. Deine Kätzchen machen mich noch arm! #lightning#bitcoin #feedthecat#CatsOfTwitter

Patricia 🧡⚡


Did you feed the @Lightningcats21?

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